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There are two levels to the legal system that we abide by: federal law and state law. The federal legal system is the one that uses different courts, rules and prosecutors for each case. Even so, the federal law system differs from the state legal system that might have been the original ones to charge you.

Federal criminal charges are similar to state charges, but they can also be more serious. This is why a criminal lawyer that specialized in federal law should be obtained. State courts are more familiar to those in the area since they handle marriages, divorces and state crimes that are being tried. Federal courts are the ones that handle all violations that have to do with federal criminal law. This can include laws against any trafficking, organized crimes, immigration violations and so many other more serious offenses.


  • Counterintelligence crimes, national security threats and economic espionage
  • Computer crimes that have to do with fraud, injuring or damaging military or civil defense systems and functions for the US, interception of communications and the unauthorized access to store this information and disclose its contents
  • Crimes against children that include, but are not limited to abductions, kidnappings, sexual exploitation, obscene materials or pornography, physical abuse, violations of the National Sex Offender Registry and Child Support Recovery Act
  • Cyber crimes that include spoofing, spam, hijacked accounts, phishing and international schemes, auction and credit card fraud, hacking and many other cyber crimes are tried in federal court cases
  • Civil rights violations that include hate crimes, Color of Law and Police Misconduct, ISS and FACE
  • Gun crimes that include unauthorized possession of a firearm, by a convicted felon or illegal alien and other guns that are not legal to be in possession of
  • Import or export crimes that include smuggling goods into the country, failure to declare these imported goods to customs or aiding of arms or munitions of war
  • Indian Country crimes that include all of the above, and some including the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and theft and government fraud
  • Major theft such as stealing art, gems or other items of worth
  • Any type of organized crimes
  • Public corruption crimes that facilitate illegal activities
  • Tax crimes including public corruption tax crimes, tax fraud and evasion
  • Violent crimes such as abductions, rapes, serial murderers, homicides, arsons, bombings, weapons of mass destruction, corruptions
  • White collar crimes that include fraud of financial institutions, governmental, health care and Internet computer crimes, money laundering and other forms of fraudulent activities

There are strict penalties for federal charges that can happen in the court of law, such as large fines and lengthy stays in prison. They are more severe then sentencing that is done through a state court system. It is crucial to speak with an experienced federal criminal attorney that is able to guide you in the right direction when you’ve been charged with a federal crime. Our Federal Defense Attorneys are able to step in and help to fight the charges, have them reduced or just provide guidance during this difficult time. We can even work to move your case to the state courts, providing a lower sentence overall.

Through our free consultation, we can come up with the best plan possible to ensure that you’re able to be heard while on the stand in court. Through Arthur Gershfeld, an experienced and expert criminal defense attorney, you can find out what the best course of action is that you should take regarding the charges that are put on you. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the federal courts system and law, and will do everything in their power to work out the best possible scenario for your case.

When facing any federal crime, you need to have an experience federal lawyer on your side to effectively and efficiently defend all of your rights in the court of law.

The Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld provide each case with the care and attention it needs. We understand that not everyone tried will be convicted and we do our best to keep it that way. We can speak with our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that they have the best possible legal defense that money can buy. If you’re in trouble in the New York area, please do not hesitate to find the legal counsel that you need by calling our law offices. We can provide a free evaluation of your case, and provide you with more insight on the best plan of action to take.

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