Computer and Internet Fraud Crimes

Computer fraud is another form of fraud that can come about. It is fraud that is assisted with the use of a computer, and it is one of the most popular forms of fraud that is charged against people to this day. It can be done through various means or gateways on the Internet, such as through the use of message boards, forums, web sites, emails and other ploys. Internet fraud, or Internet crimes generally refers to any sort of fraudulent use of the Internet and a computer. This could be creating transactions that are fraudulent and not authorized, stealing or destroying someones data off their computer, stealing identities through the use of the Internet and a computer, or even destroying information that is vital to a company.

When you find yourself against charges for Internet or computer fraud, then speaking with an Internet lawyer is essential. You have to ensure that you have someone that is able to speak your case for you, and provide insight on the background and nature of the charges. We are extremely experienced at handling computer and Internet fraud cases here at the Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld, and we are more than happy to help with yours.

For more information about the previous cases we’ve been in for Internet and computer fraud, please check out our “In the News” page on this website. We bring a strong background in defense of computer and Internet crimes, making it essential that you have our team with you when you’re accused of an Internet or computer crime and need an Internet and computer lawyer.


Many people believe that no one is able to see them when it comes to doing things online. However, this is not true. The Internet is an open place, and with it comes many legalities that have to be followed in order to be legal on the Internet.

Our attorneys know different when it comes to cyber and Internet crimes, and we work with those accused to find a way to lessen their sentence or prove their innocence in the crimes. Technology can track every little thing that you do on it, from what you download to what you say. This information can then be brought to the attention of the necessary authority figures who will then pursue the crimes that are being charged.

Many of the clients that we see that are facing these computer and Internet charges and crimes involve the following:

  • Downloading Illegal Pornography
  • Hacking or Illegal Access of Computer Systems, Intrusion Offenses
  • Downloading and Illegal File Sharing Charges
  • Internet Fraud and related Offenses, such as "Click Fraud" and Spam
  • Identity Theft Charges
  • eBay fraud and other Computer Fraud Matters
  • Phishing and spamming
  • Copyright violations

The penalties for doing such can be severe, and this can cause you to run out of options. However, with the use of our Internet and computer law lawyers, you’re able to find out more of the options that you possibly can use to win your case. We consult with computer forensic experts in these types of cases to try and ensure that you get the best possible care in NYC that you can get. These cases are complex and involve illegal searches of the computer, hard drives, accounts and even your home. This is something that you have to ensure that you take care of, and have the proper legal counsel to back you up when something like this is brought against you.

We are sensitive to your privacy, and we want to ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the entire ordeal. We provide confidential and discreet representation to each and every client that we work with, to ensure that you know that we are working with you. We give you confidence in knowing all of the legal representation in criminal defense matters, so you can put your life back in order, and not let this charge work against you. Our firm is also dedicated to using the latest technology in order to provide our clients the most effective and efficient representation and legal advice from an Internet and computer lawyer for the Internet and computer crimes they are being accused of.

Speaking with our advanced, knowledgeable law firm with professional Internet and computer lawyers can provide you with the legal counsel you need to get the help that you want. We can ensure that you’re happy with the outcome, and speak with you throughout the entire ordeal so you never feel like you do not know what is going on. We take pride in the work that we do, and we want to work with everyone on an individual basis to ensure that you’re protected against any charges that might come about due to the Internet and computer usage that you continue to do.

Call us today to speak with us regarding the case that you have, and to ask for our representation. We can provide you with the most in depth law services.

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