Drug Offenses Lawyer

Through the Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld, we can provide the necessary representation required for those that are facing violent and drug related charges. We have a strong New York based defense law office that has helped numerous clients work through their court hearings and other issues to get them back on the right track. We defend all types of people that have had federal criminal violent and drug offenses brought against them.

We can handle cases ranging from manslaughter to murder and even arson. Our defense attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that violent crimes and drugs charges are just that, charges and not anything more. Our attorneys are able to work with skilled investigators with years of defense experience to ensure that your trial in New York is one that does not take a turn for the worst.

We work hard to persuade prosecutors to drop the charges against the accused, to reduce sentences or to work out other deals that are in our clients favor within New York. We do not believe in not taking a case, especially if we feel strongly about it and what it is able to do for you.


  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Murder, homicide, and manslaughter
  • Arson
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Gang-related fighting
  • Weapons charges
  • Gun violence
  • Drugs related crimes
  • DWI criminal cases

Serious crimes require a serious defense team, and we can be that defense team that you’re after, providing you with the essential backing you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else for the case you’re facing in New York.

Never rely on anyone that is inexperienced when it comes to New York federal criminal defense counsel. You need a professional to back you throughout the federal criminal defense case that is brought against you. These are serious charges, so you need a serious counsel on your side to argue your case. Do not rely on the state to protect you, when no one else is able too. Rely on a law office that you trust, and that you hire to get you out of the problems you’re having.

At the Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld in New York, we are the ones that work aimlessly, tirelessly and aggressively to effectively defend each and every one of our clients cases. We also provide federal court lawyers for drug cases.


  • Pre-indictment investigation
  • Arraignment
  • Plea-bargains
  • Pre-trial motions and hearings
  • Trials
  • Sentencing
  • Federal charges

The conviction rates in New York for federal crimes is very high, and this is why it is important to have the right attorney with experience in this type of law to protect the rights that you have. You wouldn’t want to trust in anyone else to take care of this problem. You need to trust in the best.

Drugs and drug use have both become woven into the culture these days especially throughout New York, and this is why it is important to realize that these crimes are on the rise. When more and more people are making them into something much larger than they are, many people are becoming in trouble with the law due to drug usage, possession or distribution.

If you’ve been arrested and are facing drug charges, it is extremely important that you seek out the services of someone experienced in drug crimes and laws throughout New York. You want someone as soon as possible that is able to speak with you regarding the options that you have.

Through the use of the Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld in New York, you’re able to ensure that you have the drug defense lawyer that is needed to help you against the criminal charges and case that you’re currently facing. You should never trust in someone that doesn't have the right backing, trust only in the best.

Russian and Spanish language services are available for those that need them for the overview of their case.

Speak with our law offices today to find out what we can do for you whether you need someone for violence charges or case, or a drug lawyer. 

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