Medicaid & Medicare Fraud Crimes Lawyer

Medicaid fraud is something that occurs often in New York, and under ORC 2913.40, the Medicaid provider is the one that knowingly makes a misleading statement to use for reimbursement from the medical assistance program known as Medicaid. The instances can be read below regarding what can count as Medicaid fraud.

Any individual that is paid through the Medicaid program, such as doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmacies, counselors, personal care aides and other medical providers can be at risk of this type of fraud. If the provider is the one that intentionally misrepresents what services they’ve rendered at the time of care to obtain more money for it, this is constituted as fraud.

Any New York resident that has been investigated, accused of or charged with Medicaid or Medicare fraud should immediately contact the Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld, where we can provide you with the adequate, knowledgeable representation you’re in need of. We can work with you during the initial consultation to obtain more information and prepare a plan of action.


  • Billing for medical services not actually performed, known as phantom billing;
  • Billing for a more expensive service than was actually rendered, known as up coding;
  • Billing for several services that should be combined into one billing, known as unbundling;
  • Billing twice for the same medical service;
  • Dispensing generic drugs and billing for brand-name drugs;
  • Giving or accepting something in return for medical services, known as a kickback;
  • Bribery;
  • Providing unnecessary services;
  • False cost reports;
  • Embezzlement of recipient funds.

If you think you’re under investigation for any type of Medicaid fraud, as listed above, please contact our law offices immediately to find the legal counsel you need in this trying time.


  • Coverage claims for non-existent illnesses
  • Claims for coverage for staged, fraudulent auto accident injuries such as back or neck pain
  • Medicare/Medicaid claims for fraudulent, falsified, or exaggerated alcohol dependency treatment
  • Medicare/Medicaid claims filed under phony names
  • Medicare/Medicaid coverage claims for home health care, therapy, or treatment which never occurred

We have a team of skilled criminal defense attorneys that thoroughly investigate the allegations against you so that we can build a strong case for you. Contact us to speak with an experienced medical lawyer regarding the case that you may have, and the help we can provide you with.

Speak with us before it becomes too late. The more time we have to review the case, to go over the necessary documents and ensure that nothing is missing, the better chance you have of having a successful outcome.

We can provide the legal counsel you need during this tough time, and ensure that you come out whole. The Law Offices of Arthur Gershfeld in New York are the experienced lawyers in the area that can handle a multitude of Medicaid and Medicare fraud cases, so you can rest assured you have the best. 

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