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If you’ve been accused of driving a vehicle under the influence of any drugs or alcohol within New York, it is important that you secure the best legal defense that you can find. Through the use of someone experienced and knowledgeable within this court of law, you’re better able to have the necessary counsel for the best outcome.

Our offices here with Arthur Gershfeld are able to provide these types of DWI lawyers against the allegations against you. We have experience with a multitude of arrests including DUI’s and DWI’s. We can also deal with issues that come from the results of having one of these arrests such as resisting arrest, DMV issues and license suspensions within the city.


  • DWI: Driving While Intoxicated; .08 BAC or higher, and/or other evidence of intoxication
  • Aggravated DWI: .18 BAC or higher.
  • DWAI: Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol; .06 BAC to .07 BAC, and/or other evidence of impairment by alcohol.
  • DWAI: Drug: Driving While Ability Impaired by the Use of a Drug (i.e., that is not alcohol).
  • DWAI: Alcohol/Drugs: Driving While Ability Impaired by the Combined Influence of Drugs or Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Zero Tolerance Law: The motorist is under 21 years old and possesses a BAC of .02 to .07.
  • DWI Chemical Test Refusal: A motorist who refuses to submit to a chemical test (normally a test of breath, blood, or urine) will suffer a revocation of his or her driver’s license for at least one year, and will have to pay a civil penalty of at least $500 to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • DUI: Driving under the influence (DUI), or Driving while intoxicated (DWI), is the crime of driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely.

The blood alcohol concentration which is the level or percentage of alcohol by weight contained in a person’s blood is how the officer or other law enforcement personnel is able to make the arrest and bring the charges. This is tested either through a blood sample or through a breath sample. These tests however, provide conflicting results. One test can prove your innocence, while another can convict you for life.


New York State does not allow the person in question to choose which test they’d like to take, and this can be then used against them in a court of law. The police are the ones that choose which test is going to be used during court. Either the motorist has to submit to the test, or face the consequences of having a refusal to submit to the request which can also have a set of its own consequences.

  • Loss of your License
  • Heavy Fines
  • Court Costs
  • Extensive Administration Fees
  • Probation
  • Jail Time or Time in a State Prison
  • Vehicle Impoundment or Forfeiture

New York State takes Driving While Intoxicated or DWI very seriously, making the law very strict, and they come with harsh punishments if found guilty.

You want to ensure that you choose the right DWI lawyer to defend you in the court of law when the time comes. Not only are they going to be the ones that are providing you with the essentials needed to beat this accusation, but they are going to be the ones standing next to you during the hearing ensuring that everything is done according to the laws throughout NY.

Our offices here at Arthur Gershfeld are able to provide you with the experienced, knowledgeable new York DWI lawyers you need to beat the DWI or DUI that you’re being accused of. Make sure to call us as soon as possible, so we can ensure that we sort through the matters sooner, rather than later to prove your innocence. 

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